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Gainesville, FL, us
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Youth Pastor by Day/Jedi Master by night
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Tantor25 (aol), Tantor25 (skype)
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Family Rayce Aden - Father - Deceased
Jayna Aden - Mother - Deceased
Zothar Aden - Brother - Deceased
Kith Verloren - ? - Deceased
Clegg Holdfast - Trainer
Katrina Garnier - Padawan
Claudius Draclau - Padawan
Avarra Eslick - Padawan
Riel Qhan - Padawan
Vastice Delure - Padawan
Anara Valnor - Padawan
Inara Ka - Padawan

Known Adversaries

Darth Maleficus - Sith Master
Peiori Calliga - Sith Master
Malice Draclau - Sith Master
Darth Terace - Sith Master
Ethan Wayne - Sith Master
Korran Halcyon - Sith Master
Marcus Gray - Elite Corsair
Artemis Obauldi - Vong Dreadlord
Midnight Rapture - Jedi Master

What I've Been Up To

Mini Bio

Growing up in the forrests of Endor, Tantor played among the wookiee's as his parents studied the indiginous flora and fauna in search of medicines and cures. Tantor and his brother were out swimming one day....when they returned their home was destroyed and their parents were gone. Tantor was barely an adolescent and his brother was just a child.

After seeking out guardianship for his brother, Tantor travelled to Naboo where he aimed to learn the ways of the Jedi. He was met there by his trainer and surrogate big brother, Clegg Holdast. The two formed a lasting relationship during his days as a padawan and after he had reached the level of knighthood, Tantor kept Clegg in high regard.

In his early years as a Knight, Tantor made a name for himself as one fully dedicated to the Jedi faith. It didn't take long for him to make enemies and one of those had killed both his parents and kidnapped his brother. Tantor fought against him but in the end he was bested and his brother killed. Tantor retreated into the archives and after months of constant study Tantor was brought before the council and tested...they found him worthy of the title Jedi Master.

*more to come*

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